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Day 1 - "Two Tomatoes and a Green Bean"

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

1st Day of the AT!!! It’s somehow even more beautiful than I imagined it would be! The woods of Vermont are awesome like that. We started hiking north today where the Appalachian Trail crosses Route 4 (mile 1704.0) and have been tromping through rain and mud all day. A LOT of rain and mud. Mom dropped us off and commented on the fact that in our rain ponchos we looked like two tomatoes and a green bean!

Dad doesn’t like the rain at all that much, but I don’t mind it! I like how it makes the forest look misty and forgotten, much like how I imagine an old revolutionary battleground must have looked.

The fog rolls across the hills in front of me impeding my view… or maybe it is just the condensation on my glasses… damn glasses. They don’t help too much when it’s raining and just seem to serve as a collection point for copious amounts of water droplets.

We are at Stony Brook Shelter tonight, a short walk off the AT. We met some cool people here! Overall, we hiked about 10 miles, through the Vermont mountains, in the rain and mud! I’m tired, and my body already aches with pains I never knew a person could have. It was a great day!


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