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Day 2 - "Ass Chafes"

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

We just stopped hiking, hopefully for the day. I’m VERY happy about that. Around noon I started to get some really bad chafing in the ass region, some of the worst chafing of my life; its most definitely NOT fun.

Despite the drawbacks, the day was awesome. It was raining and muddy up till around noon (which is probably what kickstarted the chafing). I fell and landed on my butt only once and am quite lucky I did not hurt myself. Stupid slippery rocks. We stopped at a place called “the lookout” to eat lunch. There was an amazing view overlooking the green mountains of the Vermont countryside! Moments like that are why I love this trail. I know I have only been out for two days, but it feels like it has been weeks.

But yes, I’m chafing very very badly, my butt feels like it’s been bitten by hundreds of fire ants. I can barely walk. I made my discomfort clear to my companions and insisted that I could go no further for the day. Dad isn’t too happy because he doesn’t want to stop. Honestly though, I don’t care what he thinks at this point, I am in too much pain.

We are on top of a beautiful mountain and the wind is blowing through the trees, it’s amazing. I am sitting in my hammock and am rocking slightly back and forth, the rushing of the wind through thousands of leaves that make up the canopy above me is refreshing and invigorating. It is a voice of nature that speaks tales of exploration and the unknown.


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