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I Hate Water Filters

Anyone who knows me knows of my continuous struggle with water filters. You know, those sometimes little and sometimes big contraptions that are supposed to turn your nasty, dirty, and disease-infected pure alpine spring water into a safe-to-consume hydrating beverage. I’ve bought and used them all: the Sawyer Mini, the Saywer Squeeze, the Katadyn Be-Free, the Platypus gravity filter, the MSR pump water filter, and probably a few more that I have forgotten about. Well, I hate them all.

All these filters are annoying to use, get clogged and dirty, and tend to break when not taken care of properly. On top of that, using them consumes entirely too much time. What hiker has an extra few minutes to sit and squeeze a tube of water? Not me.

Besides, I think that I would prefer to complain about it. After all, I need something to complain about. It’s not like I have to deal with rush hour traffic in the middle of the Sierra Nevada, or maintenance people who don’t show up while hiking through the Green Mountains of Vermont. It’s either complain about water filters or be completely 100% happy. And I couldn’t imagine being completely 100% happy.

What an absurd contention.

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Choose happiness, Tim!!


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